stories of pets

Stories of Pets! 9 Stunning Goose Bump story

Stories of Pets might be terrible when unexpected act performed by the same. Some animals always be wild often human teach them how to live with. In this horrible stunning goose bumps stories of pets, You would shocked. How These pets turn wild and partially or fully kill their owners?

stories of pets
stories of pets like pigs often dangerous

318 Kg Pig Pet Attack and Digest Teri Vance

This incident is from Oregon America where a man named Teri Vance Garner was eaten by his own pet pig. In October 2012, Garner went to feed his pet 318 Kg pig but suddenly disappeared.

Hours later his family came to know about the terrible truth. It was learned that some parts and bones of Garner’s body were found lying in a pot of food about sugar, before that the pig had also forked them once, but Garner ignored this fact.

story of a Pet hippopotamus
story of a Pet hippopotamus

Have You heard Hippo as Pet?

Today’s second incident is from November 2011 where a pet hippopotamus killed its owner. The hippopotamus attacked Elsa with his fangs, dragged him into the river and pierced his entire body with his large fangs. Els’s body was found floating in the river when the family searched for her. Els rescued a baby hippopotamus from a flood 6 years ago before it ran over three people

A Pennsylvanian Teddy Bear stories of pets : A Pet Culprit of death of Dealer’s Wife

Today’s third incident is from Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, where the wife of a wild animal dealer was killed by a teddy bear. Neighbors came running after hearing the screams of the dealer. One of the neighbors poured the beer but by then the dealer’s wife had lost her life.

story of pets lizards and spider
story of pets lizards and spider

How Spiders and Lizards are dangerous as Pets

The next incident is from Germany. In 2004, the German police found a dead body in an apartment on which hundreds of spiders and lizards were crawling inside and outside the body. In this man named Mark Wojal, more than 200 spiders and lizards were kept, including many poisonous spiders. According to the German police, spiders and lizards, eyes and nose mites were coming out everywhere, spiders and lizards were eating small pieces of flesh all over the body. The death of the person occurred due to biting of black widow spider. black widow is 15 times more poisonous then snake cobra.

Is Chimpanzee a Pet Animal?

Seeing this photo, you will not believe that this chimpanzee uprooted the whole face of this woman by pressing it in the teeth. In fact chimpanzee was jokingly running away with the key of the car. this woman whose name is Charlie Nash, took the key from him by listening to a song Tried to persuade but instead of killing the chimpanzee, it flared up and suddenly it ripped the woman’s face by pressing it in its teeth.

Wolf dogs stories of pets to wild
Wolf dogs stories of pets to wild

The Final Stories of Wolf dogs as Pets

Look at this photo, you might be thinking that it is a wild wolf. No, this dog breed has been crossed with wolves to create a hybrid watch dog. One day when the woman went to the enclosure, one of them attacked the woman and bled badly. This woman named Sandra died due to excessive bleeding.

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