Manual Adsense Ads Can I show on my Blog ?

How to Show Manual Adsense Ads on a Website or blog ?

There are four type of google adsense ads. Anyone Can show Manual Adsense ads on a website or blog.

The four Types Manual Ads are :

  1. Display ads
  2. In-feeds ads
  3. In-articles ads
  4. Matched content ads
Manual adsense Ads Placements

How to Show Manual Display Adsense ads

In display ads the ads are displayed as image and video. For manual ads placement you need to create adsense ad code first.

Display Adsense Ads

The code generated by create ad button put it any web page on which you want to display ads into the content and increase revenue.

How to In-feed Ads Manually

These ads are user friendly. In-feed ads feed between the posts. these ads are often feed into the lists also.

There are two ways to implement these ads. first is to leave on google adsense and choose as suggested by adsense. Second one is to generate manually.

In-feed Ads

In-articles Ads Manual Implimentation

In-article ads fits between different paragraphs of articles. in-articles ads also matched with your site and content.

In-Article Ads

It can also be generated by automatic and manually both.

Matched Content ads Placements

This one is slightly new and different from previous explained ads.

even it increase your ad revenue by 9 to 10% claimed by google adsense.

matched content ads

matched content ads are better than other ads forms.

Advantage of Showing Manual ads on blog or website :

  • The ads can be placed anywhere in the posts and pages.
  • Easily traceable
  • Suitable placements increase revenue rapidly

Disadvantage of Showing manual ads :

  • 100% utilization of ads not possible
  • Most of the content misses the relativity
  • Consumes much time and attention
  • Less efficient as compare to Auto ads

Can I show manual ads on my blog ?

Yes, You can but placed it carefully.