Ethanol Blending as Flexi Fuel

The automobile industry is going to use Ethanol blending as Flexi Fuel. The third-largest automobile industry is reducing its dependency on fossil fuels. Conventional fuel is a big load on the Indian economy. Patrol and diesel purchasing is a huge load on the economy of the country. The government of India has set a target to blend ethanol up to 20% by 2025. Central Government expenses $65 Billion each year on Crude oil. 80% of the necessity of petroleum comes from IOC and other countries.

Why is Ethanol blending as Flexi fuel?

Highrise prices of petrol and diesel obeliged central government ot take initiative. To reduce dependency on petrolium. It is compulsary to R&D in the field of energy consuption. Ethanol blending is another pathway of alternate energy resources. Ethanol blending is a 10-20% mixture of ethanol and petrol. The Government of India will increase the ethanol percentage from 10.5% to 20% by 2025. India produces 26 million vehicles per year. India exports 5 million vehicles per year. ethanol is a good solvent. its chemical formula is C2H5OH. It is an organic compound. It has broad applications in day-to-day life. cheaper than petrol and diesel.

Reason to Use Ethanol blending as flexi fuel:

  • Good avaibility of raw material in the country.
  • Waste of vegitables and cereals can be use as raw material.
  • The best raw material for blending ethanol is sugarcane.
  • Sugarcane availiblty in the country is great opportunity for production of Ethanol.
  • Sugarcane friendly climate support india in the field of flexi fuel.
  • Use of ethanol blending as flexi fuel is pollution free. it does not produce smoke.
  • 100% eco-friendly cheaper than other fuels.
  • Dependency of country on petrolium will reduce as its uses increase in Country.
  • When all vehicles shifted to ethanol blending fuels then expenses on crude oil reduce dramatically.
  • As a result, revenue expenses on petrolium can afford development of country.

Applications of Ethanol

  • It has many applications. all syrup contains ethanol, especially cough syrup.
  • its use in the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Sanitizer and soap industry use it.
  • Broad application in the production of beverages for example wine and beer.
  • As a fuel nowadays.

What is Flexi Fuel?

Flexi Fuel is an alternative fuel option for petrol and diesel. 85% of ethanol mixture of petrol is flexi fuel. The principle of working of engine is same as CNG vehicles. flexible fuel does not use in conventional engine. The engine has seperate compartment as cng and petrol in normal engines. The percentage of ethanol can vary as required range. Gasoline has diffenrent composition.

Challenges to use Ethanol blending as flexi fuel

India’s automobile industry is basically based on petrolium fuels. Petrolium fuels are costly fuel energy option. India depends on 80% import petrolium. The globle disturbance in trade and commerce impact price of Petrolium. Therefore it is best initiative to depends on biofuel rather than imported petroliium products.

Here are some challenges :

  • Indian automobile industry is using BS-5 and 6 engine. these engines depend upon petrol, cng and diesel for produce energy. ethanol blending engine is completely different.
  • All flexi fuel engines are diffent requirment.
  • Ethanol blending flexi fuel industry is new in India.
  • The production of bio ethanol is also a big challenge.
  • Technology is new and adaptation will take time.

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Manual Adsense Ads Can I show on my Blog ?

How to Show Manual Adsense Ads on a Website or blog ?

There are four type of google adsense ads. Anyone Can show Manual Adsense ads on a website or blog.

The four Types Manual Ads are :

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Manual adsense Ads Placements

How to Show Manual Display Adsense ads

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Display Adsense Ads

The code generated by create ad button put it any web page on which you want to display ads into the content and increase revenue.

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These ads are user friendly. In-feed ads feed between the posts. these ads are often feed into the lists also.

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In-feed Ads

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In-article ads fits between different paragraphs of articles. in-articles ads also matched with your site and content.

In-Article Ads

It can also be generated by automatic and manually both.

Matched Content ads Placements

This one is slightly new and different from previous explained ads.

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matched content ads

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Disadvantage of Showing manual ads :

  • 100% utilization of ads not possible
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Can I show manual ads on my blog ?

Yes, You can but placed it carefully.